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15 Warehouses | 1.8 Mn Sq.Ft.

Gain from a proven warehouse system that supercharges flow of goods across all touchpoints!

Warehousing - if done properly - can provide a business with beneficial positive outcomes, including better inventory management, efficient packaging and processing system, price stabilization, better customer support, and risk management. With a centralized, technology-driven warehouse, you can facilitate seamless transfer of products and goods; gather accurate insights to your existing inventory while focusing on customer centricity.  

However, warehousing management faces a number of challenges, given today's tough market conditions and increased demand of accuracy across all stages of logistics . 

Ensuring accuracy in inventory tracking, reducing human errors in manual entries, addressing time-bound priorities with least issues, designing an efficient warehouse layout to facilitate fast packing, tracking and shipment, optimizing picking system, and channelizing quality control systems etc are vital challenges a business is more likely to face, without proper expertise and manpower - and of course without the help of future-ready technologies. 

AWL - one of the best logistic companies in India - provides technology-driven end-to-end warehousing systems that include inventory control, order and storage management.