Logistics for Telecom and Tower

Customized Logistics Services

Leverage our expertise in constructing comprehensive logistics solutions.

We deliver integrated logistic services that cover the full network lifecycle for telecom companies. We strive to be the best logistic company in India by leveraging on our industry expertise, skilled resources, and fully methodical process! Read on how as your single-source provider of logistic solutions for telecom and tower products - we can actually create positive organization-wide difference for you. 

An Increased competition in the market and rising need to address compliance are pushing telecom and tower companies to explore innovative best practices. They are actively seeking to maximize return in capital, ensure ethical waste generation practices, improve capitalization on network engineering requirements, and create consistency and perfection in the supply, delivery, deployment and management of precision instruments. All of these challenges mean they need a logistic partner who can help them focus on their core activities while freeing them from costly and unplanned logistic activities. 

AWL - an Indian supply chain provider - covers the whole spectrum of warehousing and distribution requirements of telecom and tower sector. We cater to the established carriers, OEMs, tower businesses and provide every possible supply chain solutions that can help them grow in a competitive market.

With us as your largest supply chain provider, you can optimize your logistic process, you can deliver end-to-end turnkey services that increase productivity outcomes, decrease undesired overheads, manage change!

AWL's Logistic solutions in India

Inbound Logistics

• Supplier Co-ordination

• Order Management

• Freight Forwarding

• Customs Clearance

• Primary Transportation

• Bonded / Contract Warehousing

Outbound Logistics

• Warehouse & Storage

• Order Fulfillment

• Inventory Management

• Spare Parts Management

• Returns Management

• Warranty Management

• Event Logistics

• Primary Transportation

• Secondary Transportation

• Distribution by Air/Road/Sea/Rail

• Customs Clearance

• Freight Forwarding

Value Added Services

• Packing / Re-Packing of Equipment

• Kitting / Assembling / Dismantling

• Cable Cutting

• Reverse Logistics

• Repairs Area for Engineers

• Audits and Compliance Management

• Clean Room Environment

• Consultancy