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Dynamic Solution for FMCG Industry

Battle to innovate competitive pricing to drive positive sales outcomes, Global competition and shorter product life cycles, Incentivize customers to differentiate products in a competitive market, and pressuring demand for multichannel sales equality are some of the many challenges facing the FMCG manufacturers. Add to that, rising distribution cost, variation in last mile execution in retail, simplifying an ever-growing number of SKUs, cost effectively reaching the rural markets etc make the market extremely tough for FMCG players to sustain.

Many companies trust AWL as their best FMCG logistic company for all the positive difference we bring. With all of these expertise and beyond, we seek to redefine the logistic landscape for FMCG companies; thereby promoting the culture of growth - 

We provide a variety of FMCG logistic solutions, leveraging on our extensive network of trained agents, and decision support tools and technologies. We follow a complete supply chain design. From factory sourcing to production planning and scheduling, cost control analysis to transport, resource planning and delivery to desired destination, and more; we act as a single source FMCG logistics company to provide last mile fulfillment for evolving and frequent orders thereby improving distribution process across your business journey.