Barcoding & Scanning

For all your tracking needs...think AWL!

Do away with the labor-intensive, manual processes. Improve data identification and accuracy, centrally store key information for easy tracking with our state of the art barcode and scanning solutions. 

Our barcode and scanning solutions are powered by tools that seamlessly integrate with any process, we pride in a technical support team that knows its job, and we are driven by proven expertise that spans across industries. 

We understand the crucial role barcode and scanning system plays in supply chain industry. Therefore, we devise our solutions strategically - meeting all crucial needs of our customers and addressing all the evolving challenges they might face in the competitive marketplace. 

We seek to - 

  • Confirm accurate deliveries of products just in time 
  • Fight counterfeiting 
  • Facilitate recalls 
  • Counter shrinkage and loss 

We innovate newer ways to get the most out of scan engine system. With AWL's barcode and scanning solutions, you can stay assured of great outcome.