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Shine with bright solutions for solar and semi conductor industry

Solar is the answer to a sustainable future. With rising consumer awareness in the backdrop of reduced conventional source of energy, businesses are trying to explore different opportunities to thrive in this largely untapped market.

However, the industry - despite having immense growth opportunities - offers a number of challenges, before one touches success milestones. Pressure to balance cost, need to manage flawless commercial, financial and transportation system, delivering mission-critical and sensitive products at the desired location without lapsing deadline etc continuously keep companies on their toes - always looking for external help that can facilitate a smooth business operation. 

AWL is a leading solar logistic service provider in India with a proven track record of delivering high quality, customized solutions. We understand the need for developing a lean supply chain system to ensure higher business productivity, flexibility across all stages. We are driven by future-ready technologies, and have one of the finest networks that provide high quality heavy lift and heavy haul solar energy transportation solutions, meeting all the flexibilities of the market!

Leveraging on AWL‘s active presence across India, businesses can seamlessly setup multiple storage points for faster deliveries across any desired location in the country.